Carnival Games and Rentals

Carnival games are always a wonderful addition to any party.  Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your own child, a festivity for school or camp, a fundraising event, or a corporate party (for adults or families), carnival rentals are a wonderful way to keep everyone entertained.  Children love the bright colors and familiar fun associated with carnivals—and so do adults.  Carnivals remind us of childhood memories, and for children, carnival-themed parties create those memories. We have a wide range of carnival rentals which can be perfect for your next event.  To get started, try out our canopy booths, festival [...]


Inflatable Jumper Rentals for Kids and Events

Looking for a fun activity for a child’s party?  Inflatable jumpers (also known as bounce houses or bounce castles) offer classic fun for children who love to be active.  Inflatable jumpers are some of the most popular party rentals in the world, and have been for a long time.  Their timeless appeal never goes out of style, and kids are always thrilled to see one of these colorful playhouses inflated in the yard, just waiting for them to jump in and have a fun time. Benefits of Inflatable Jumpers Kids instantly recognize and love inflatable jumpers.  Your child has probably [...]


Food Machine Rentals for an Event

Adding some whimsical (and practical) food machines to a party or festival setting will really amp up the fun, and renting these classic machines is so affordable and easy. Fun Services Bay Area offers the most charming and high-quality cotton candy machines, hot dog machines, popcorn machines, pretzel machines, and snow cone machines. All of these delightful food machines will add just the right sights and smells to any public or private gathering. Our services make it so easy to offer your guests incredible foods that leave them with fond memories of your important special event. Whether you’re planning a [...]


Carnival Equipment Rentals for All Ages

Are you mulling over renting some exciting carnival equipment for a special birthday party or local festival? Whether your party is big, medium, or small, the Fun Services Bay Area team offer fairground-worthy carnival booths, canopy booths, and tents. These small and large marquees will give your big bash incredible atmosphere, as well as a palpable sense of whimsy and magic. Choose between colorful carnival equipment that is dazzling and of very high quality. Look for billowing canopies in exciting striped tones. When working with our party rental company, you’ll have access to the equipment that you need to feel [...]


Bounce House Rentals for Your Party

If you’re planning a special party or event, you may be considering a bounce house rental to add more excitement and wholesome fun to the festivities. There are plenty of great bouncy castles and bounce houses available for rental; however, finding the right colorful, whimsical, and thrilling bounce house may be a challenge…unless you know what to look for. To help you find the bounce house that you’ve been dreaming of (without busting your party budget), we’ve compiled some expert tips and tricks that you can use to rent the perfect bouncy castle for your event needs: Consider the Number [...]

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