For over 40 years now, Fun Services has been offering the Holiday Gift Shop Program to elementary schools.  Every year we perfect our program more and more to offer an even more fun and exciting experience for young children over the holiday season.  If you are looking for a Santa’s Secret Shop/Holiday Gift Shop program for your school, we can provide you with the perfect range of affordable gifts and take care of all the organizational details.  Our gifts are perfect for children, and our low costs are perfect for your school.

How does it work?

Holiday Shopping for Elementary Schools

The Holiday Gift Shop Program for kids is a great way for children to learn about holiday shopping in a safe, secure environment.  This is a great chance to educate children about maintaining a budget and shopping responsibly to save money.  It also allows children to discover the joy of giving—which is priceless.

We hand select the gifts, and keep the pricing child-friendly.  The gifts we stock are perfect for giving to fellow students and friends, as well as family members.  This program is a wonderful way to celebrate the spirit of the holidays and for children to experience some independence.  Kids are able to pick out gifts on their own and have a fun time celebrating holiday cheer.

This is a low cost option for elementary schools because everything works on a consignment basis.  At the end of the shop event, we collect and count the inventory, and there are no charges for items which didn’t sell.  We pick up all the remaining merchandise, but there is no fee for shipping or delivery.  Because everything is 100% on consignment, the program is 100% risk free.  There are never any hidden costs.

What Does the Program Include?

You get a lot more than just the gifts themselves when you choose Fun Services for your Holiday Gift Shop Program.  Along with the gifts, we also provide all the other supplies you need to make your event a successful one.  This includes table cloths, pricing stickers, posters, door panels, budget envelopes, gift list planners, mylar gift bags, shopping bags, a planning and promotion guide, and electronic inventory.  We also take care of parent letters in both English and Spanish.  You may also request cash registers.  If you tried to plan a Holiday Shopping event on your own, your staff would need to hunt down all of these supplies.  We save you time and money with our all-in-one-package.

Gifts are designed to be perfect for children, and are affordable with better than 50% of the items priced at $3.50 and under.  There are personalized gifts available for all members of the family (for example, mugs and pens personalized with “Mom,” “Grandma,” and so on.  Other gifts include plushies and toys which are perfect for children to gift to each other.  As a local company with strong community ties, we also offer a local advantage.  We stock merchandise for local sports teams.

The holidays are still months away, but it is never too early to start thinking about what you want to do this holiday season and begin the planning process.  We make it easy here at Fun Services by taking care of all the complex details, freeing up your elementary school staff to look after the children and ensure that the event is a success.  Our Holiday Gift Shop program provides you with an easy, affordable option for planning a fun, festive event for your students.