When you’re planning a fundraiser for your school, you have a lot of options.  Fundraisers can run the gamut from small bake sales, car washes and the like, to large events like carnivals or auctions.  You might decide to raise money by selling cookies, magazines, or similar products, or you might instead try to raise money through activities.  Either way, there are a lot of decisions you have to make during the planning process.  Here are some key questions to ask yourself before you start budgeting, gathering supplies, and setting up a schedule of events.

  1. How fast do we need to raise the money?

This is a key question, because you can organize some types of fundraising events more quickly than others.  If you need the money in a hurry, and you don’t need all that much of it, you can do something small like a bake sale.  Within a month, you can raise a fair amount of money.  If however you are not in a hurry, a bigger event like a carnival may be a better option.

  1. How much money do you need to raise?

This is another key question, because some types of events raise more money than others.  On average, a big, exciting event which you have planned and opened to the community is going to get a lot more support (including financial support) than something small like a catalogue sale.  So if you need a larger sum of money, it can be well worth your time to take a few extra months to plan something big like a carnival.  You have a better chance of meeting your fundraising goals this way.

  1. What volunteer resources do you have at the ready?

Volunteers can help you with your fundraiser not only by dedicating hours, but also by dedicating money.  You will probably have to pay for some of the event activities and supplies out of pocket, but oftentimes you will find that parent-teacher organizations are willing to donate a sum of money toward the event.  You can only figure out your budget once you have figured out what resources you already have.  You may be able to afford a bigger, more extravagant event than you realize.

  1. What type of fundraiser is likely to garner support from your community?

Not all communities have the same profile, and different types of events will appeal to different people.  Think about the demographics of the people who will be attending your fundraiser.  Ask yourself what types of activities they would be likely to enjoy.   You’ll have to think about food, entertainment, and more.  Come up with an event that will be fun for both adults and children.

  1. Will the event be memorable?

You want to plan an event which is not only going to raise money, but also create anticipation for future events.  If everyone enjoys the fundraising event this year, they will look forward to a similar event in the future.  The more you put into this year’s event, the easier it will be to raise money for your school in the future.

Carnival-themed events are perfect for many school fundraisers for several reasons.  Firstly, carnivals are fun for pretty much everyone, which makes them completely versatile.  Whether you live in a small town or a big city, everybody loves a carnival.  Carnivals remind us of childhood fun—so they are also ideal for entertaining adults and children.  The carnival environment is relatively easy to reproduce, and the food and games associated with carnivals are inexpensive.  So even if you are paying for most of the event out of pocket, you will probably save money planning this type of party.

Another great thing about the carnival theme for a school fundraiser is that the theme makes for easy arrangements.  The tents, food options, and games are all familiar and readily available.  If you want to save even more time and money planning a carnival fundraiser for your school, Fun Services can help you out.  We have all the equipment and supplies you could possibly need, and we can even help you to staff your event.  With efficient planning on your side, you can maximize both fun and fundraising for your school!