One of the first and broadest decisions you have to make when you plan a party is what theme to use for the entire event.  The theme is important, because it determines pretty much everything about the party: the location, the décor, the food, the activities.  When you select a theme, you have to think about the target audience.  Who will be attending your party?  Will the theme make the right impression?  Will it provide an entertaining event?  The theme can make or break the success of the event.

Why choose a carnival theme for your upcoming event?  Carnival themes are some of the most popular event themes around.  Here are a few reasons that our customers love this theme for their parties—and why you should consider it for yours.

  1. Everyone loves a fun fair.

Pretty much everybody has been to a carnival at some point or another of their lives.  Many of us attended fun fairs as kids, and adults love attending carnivals, too.  As such, they are perfect for all age groups and demographics.  No matter who is attending your event, they are likely to enjoy a carnival-themed event.  This means that the carnival theme is one of the most flexible ones you can choose.  It is ideal for any type of event, whether it is a child’s birthday party, a fundraising event for a school or a non-profit organization, or a corporate party for adults and children and even just adults.  The carnival theme is almost always a safe bet for a sure success.

  1. Carnivals are nostalgic.

Since most of us attended carnivals as children, a lot of people associate them with happy childhood memories.  Attending a carnival is always going to be a nostalgic experience.  That nostalgia is deepened by the fact that the traditional carnival theme is one which has historical roots.  Fun fairs have taken the same basic shape for many decades now.  Many people enjoy the atmosphere of a carnival-themed party for just that reason.  Carnivals summon up memories of childhood, but also reach into our ancestral memories of fun times throughout recent history.

  1. Affordable.

Some themes for parties are definitely more expensive than others.  Carnival-themed parties are probably some of the least expensive and most easily manageable that you will come across.  Carnival food in particular is traditionally very cheap and easy to supply.  Carnival activities likewise tend to be very simple and easy to organize.  You will not run yourself broke planning this kind of party.  This is particularly great if you are trying to host a fundraiser, because the goal of your fundraiser is to make money.  Your Return on Investment (ROI) is going to be higher if you save more money going in.  You will also be able to offer better prizes for games and competitions if you have not already spent all your party funds setting up the basics.

  1. Everything you need for your event is predetermined by the theme.

If you come up with a really original theme for a party, you may be pleased with yourself for your original thinking, but you will be stuck with a lot more work planning and making sure everything you come up with somehow fits your unusual theme.  Attendees may not even understand the idea behind your gathering.  With a fun fair theme, you already know everything you need, because the theme is so traditional and recognizable.  Not only that, but Fun Services carries all those rentals already—everything from the tents to the games to the hot dog and cotton candy machines.  We are a one-stop shop for your next event.

  1. Get people excited for your next event.

Do you regularly host events?  Maybe you have an annual company party to plan, or perhaps you do a yearly fundraiser for a school.  If you have difficulty getting people excited about future events, you can be assured that a carnival theme generates excitement year after year.  A lot of people love going to the county fair every year, and you can create the same interest around an annual carnival-themed event.  Employees will look forward to next year’s party after enjoy this year’s, and next year, everybody will remember your fundraiser and will be excited to attend and help out.

Planning a party can be a challenge if you cannot come up with a good theme, but you do not necessarily need the world’s most original theme to throw a successful bash.  In fact, it is the old classics which prevail, and which tend to guarantee success.  The carnival theme is easy to organize, and here at Fun Services we’re ready to help you set up and staff your party.  Attendees will love the nostalgic theme and the fun activities.  They’ll remember your party fondly when it is over, and will be even more excited for next year’s event.