Gladiator JoustAre you mulling over renting some exciting carnival equipment for a special birthday party or local festival? Whether your party is big, medium, or small, the Fun Services Bay Area team offer fairground-worthy carnival booths, canopy booths, and tents. These small and large marquees will give your big bash incredible atmosphere, as well as a palpable sense of whimsy and magic.

Choose between colorful carnival equipment that is dazzling and of very high quality. Look for billowing canopies in exciting striped tones. When working with our party rental company, you’ll have access to the equipment that you need to feel fully inspired as you throw your party and entertain your guests! To add beauty and spirit to your party, consider a costume theme for your big festival; whether guests dress up as circus performers, pirates, super-heroes or medieval folk, they will enjoy the wonders of your special carnival equipment more when they experience it while “in character”.

The perfect carnival always has plenty of action and activity, and much of this excitement takes place within carnival tents… in fact, wandering from tent to tent, exploring new mysteries, games and experiences is really what it’s all about.

Typical ideas for activities in carnival booths and tents include face-painting (this is so much fun for little ones!), fortune-telling (palm reading, astrology, or Tarot cards), and dunking games (where a local VIP gets “dunked” in cold water if the gamer hits a target with a ball).

Renting carnival tents and booths doesn’t have to cost a fortune; we offer reasonable rates, as well as clean, durable products. Modern carnival tents are easy to work with, and these styles have a cool, current look that is vibrant and fun for everyone. In general, tents will be quite easy to assemble, disassemble, and move around.

Add authenticity and beauty to your party or fun fair with stunning carnival equipment that appeals to all ages; the colors and shapes of classic carnival tents and booths never fail to make an incredible impression with guests.