We are excited to now offer 2 ways to Host a Holiday Gift Shop for your school!

  • Traditional In School Holiday Shop:

The traditional in-school version is usually run by Parent Organizations with volunteers throughout the duration of the shop.

  • Virtual Holiday Gift Shop:

Our program is designed to simulate the traditional in-school shop. Online, the kids will be able to enter the shop and go table to table just as they would in a traditional gift shop held at the school. This will allow the children to shop from the comfort of their own home where they can select gifts for family & friends as well as pay for the gifts right on the site.

We developed this program with COVID-19 in mind to minimize contact and eliminate the need for kids to be at school, but it is also a great option for schools that have limited space or limited volunteers needed to run the traditional in school shop. The Virtual Holiday Gift Shop allows all kids to enjoy making thoughtful selections and living the gift of giving. This program has always been memorable for its shoppers throughout the years, and we hope this year is no different.

*We are offering 3 options*

Option 1: Fun Services will pack one bulk order from the online purchases made by students and deliver it to the school. A few volunteers from your school or organization would pack each order for each student. Delivery will include mylar gift bags and shopping bags. This option offers a 25% profit.

Option 2: Fun Services will pack the purchases from the virtual shop for your students by classroom, and all you do is distribute the orders to teachers. The teachers can then send the kids home with their orders at the end of the school day. Mylar gift bags and shopping bags are included. This option offers a 10% profit.

Optional for # 1 & 2- For those schools that are 100% remote, you can arrange a drive-by pick up date to have teachers on site to wave to students and help distribute gifts.

Option 3 Ship to Home: Fun Services will pack each individual order from the virtual site and ship directly to each student’s home. A shipping charge will apply to each order and will be shown on the website. Mylar gift bags are included. This option offers a 5% profit.

Option 1 or Option 2 are recommended to alleviate the shipping charge to families on each order.

If you have any questions about our new program, we’d love to answer them for you!

Please email us at Info@FunServicesBayArea.com or call us at (408) 745-1976

Why Fun Services For Your Secret Santa or Holiday Gift Shop?

There are other companies around the country that do these programs too. So why choose Fun Services? Easy…we were the first company to do this for over 50 years and are still #1 in the nation for holiday shops. More schools trust us with their shops than any other company. We are local and house all of our merchandise locally which means that when you place your daily reorders, the merchandise will be delivered early the next morning in our own trucks. With Fun Services, there is no threat of late or missed reorders due to weather and shipping out of state. When you choose to work with us, you get a LOT plus the very best customer service possible. Click Here to Get Started and Sign Up for Your Gift Shop!

Our Holiday Gift Shop Program includes:Gift Bear

  • Door Panels/School Posters
  • Table Cloths/Pricing Stickers
  • Gift List Planner
  • Budget Envelopes
  • Parent Letters in English and Spanish
  • Colorful Mylar Gift Bags
  • Shopping Bags
  • Planning and Promotion Guide
  • Electronic Inventory
  • Free Delivery of Merchandise to your school (delivered directly to the room where you will be holding the shop….We don’t just drop the boxes at the front office like other gift shop companies when they use UPS, FedEx)
  • Only Pay for Sold Items (absolutely no restocking fees)
  • Scanning App (no internet needed to use)
  • Fast and Free Reorders (No waiting in hopes that UPS or Fed Ex will arrive in a timely fashion)
  • Ability to accept Visa & Mastercard for Student Purchases
  • Ability to place your reorder as late as 4:00PM by Phone or via Email
  • All gifts stored in our local warehouse in Sunnyvale CA (next to San Jose)
  • All California State Sales Tax is included
  • Great Incentives
  • Hundreds of smiling, happy children who will take pride in choosing the perfect gift for their family members

Locally owned and operated for over 50 years

We have been in the business of holiday shops and are proud to be apart of children’s memories.

Quality Gifts under $5.00

There are personalized gifts for each member of the family with 80% of the items being under $5.00 cost to the school.

Risk Free Program

Our holiday shop is 100% risk free, every item is on consignment! Even open packages, everything can be returned at no cost to you. Remember, there are no minimum purchases, no delivery fees and no hidden costs with Fun Services.

Free Promotional Materials Provided

Posters for the school, parent letters for each child, budget envelopes, price labels, success manual, promotion guide and FREE Colorful Mylar Gift Bags!

Mylar Gift BagsThe Local Advantage

Fast responsive service – Having a local office with all of our merchandise under our control is a great benefit to our customers. A sales rep that uses an out of state supplier has no access to inventory that may be a thousand miles away, is that what you need during your holiday shop?

Local sports teams – Yes, we have them! Giants, A’s, 49ers, Sharks and Warriors. The items kids want at your shop.

Free next day reorders – We will have your reorder out to you by 9:30AM at the very latest, usually it arrives much earlier than that! We understand the need to have your daily reorders by the time your 1st shoppers arrive each morning.

Free, fast pick up – Fun Services will get to your school fast and pick up the unsold gifts right away. Fast, friendly and on time.

Ability to Choose Your School’s Profit

We realize that not all schools are created equal. Each has its own unique demographics and needs. With Fun Services, you choose whether the holiday shop will be a fund raiser or a service to the children. For those schools using their shop as a fund raiser, we provide guidelines/suggestions on how to mark up the merchandise. It is totally up to you, you are not locked in to a specific profit margin as is the case with other gift shop companies.

Traditional or No Inventory Program

With Traditional Inventory, you will need to count in and count out your inventory. With this option, you can mix & match your mark-up. If you would like an easier program, go with the No Inventory Program and chose One Straight Mark-Up.

The Bonuses

Depending on what time of year you sign up, you can receive some great extra things as our way of saying, “Thank you for working with us!” Contact us by email or phone, to learn more about our current sign up bonuses.

Referral Bonus Opportunity

Have a friend or know someone at another school who is interested in running a Santa’s Secret or Holiday Gift Shop Program at their school? Simply click below.

Refer a Friend

When your friend’s school signs up to host a Santa’s Secret or Holiday Gift Shop, you will both receive:

  • $25 Target Gift Card +
  • $75 Free Bonus Merchandise for your Shop.