How can my school sign up for Fun Services Loyalty Rewards Program?  That’s easy! Every school that does a Fun Services Holiday Gift Shop is automatically enrolled in our Loyalty Rewards Program.  Sign up today for Holiday Gift Shop and start earning Loyalty Rewards Points!

Our Loyalty Program also allows a perfect opportunity for your parent group or school to earn extra $$$. A great way to put whichever bonus item you choose to use, is to hold a raffle for the item. Fun Services will even supply the raffle tickets. 

Example: Parent group/school sells raffle tickets for $2 each to students, school staff, family, and friends. Based on enrollment of 500 students, your group could earn up to an extra $1,000.00!!!

In ADDITION to our Loyalty Rewards Program we have our Carnival Discount Program.  Every Holiday Gift Shop customer is eligible for BOTH.  Yes – You receive loyalty bonuses AND carnival discounts!

The window to redeem your Loyalty Points is January 14 to February 28.  INVOICE MUST BE PAID TO EARN LOYALTY POINTS & REDEEM.

Email between January 14 and February 28 with the Loyalty Reward you would like.  You can also email if you would like to check your loyalty point balance.

  • Must meet all terms and conditions on Holiday Gift Shop agreement to earn Loyalty Points.
  • Must run gift shop at least (2) years prior to redeeming points.
  • Holiday Gift Shop invoice must be paid with 7 days of customer receiving invoice.
  • Points not spent by February 28 will be saved until the following year.
  • Points can be saved and compiled with future Fun Service’s Holiday Gift Shops to earn a bigger reward.
  • If you do not spend your points by February 28 of year two and do not run a Holiday Gift Shop in year three, 50% of the points will decay.

EXAMPLE: You run a Holiday Gift Shop and earn 5,000 points in your first year.  In year two, you earn another 7,500 loyalty points. You choose not to spend your loyalty points by February 28 of year two and you do not run a Holiday Gift Shop in the 3rd year. Your points will decay 50% and you now have 6,250 loyalty points. You may choose to redeem those 6,250 points, or they may be recorded as credit should you return to our Holiday Gift Shop program in year four. Otherwise, 100% of the points will decay.

Hold a Fun Services Holiday Gift Shop. Earn Points for every gift sold. Choose your loyalty reward or sae for an even bigger reward.

Does your school need something that isn’t listed?

Contact us to see about price and availability for what your school needs!