Carnival games are always a wonderful addition to any party.  Whether you’re planning a birthday party for your own child, a festivity for school or camp, a fundraising event, or a corporate party (for adults or families), carnival rentals are a wonderful way to keep everyone entertained.  Children love the bright colors and familiar fun associated with carnivals—and so do adults.  Carnivals remind us of childhood memories, and for children, carnival-themed parties create those memories.

We have a wide range of carnival rentals which can be perfect for your next event.  To get started, try out our canopy booths, festival tenths, and barrier booths.  These can set the tone for your whole event, provide shade from the sun, and help guests to find different games and events.  These tents and booths are the perfect overarching element to bring everything together.

We have a number of different carnival games which you can add to your festivities.  For sports fans, games like baseball toss, kick & score soccer, quarterback toss, electronic basketball, and slap shot hockey can provide plenty of entertainment.  Other fun games include high striker, splash down, and a dunk tank.  On top of that, we also rent out foosball tables as well as a nine-hole miniature golf courses.  These activities are all popular with adults as well as children, and can easily provide hours of entertainment.  Many of your guests will want to try all of your different activities before the day’s festivities are through.

Also fun for children are bounce houses.  Our inflatable jumpers include games like bouncy boxing and gladiator joust, obstacle courses, traditional bounce houses with plenty of space for fun, and inflatable slides.  These inflatable units will draw children with their bright colors, and offer a safe and fun energy outlet for active children.  While these activities won’t appeal to adults at corporate parties, they will be more than happy to have activities at the venue which appeal to their children and make it easy to keep an eye on them.

We also have some other fun activities which you can add to make your carnival atmosphere even more fun, like face painting and balloon twisting.  A trackless train, a rock climbing wall, spin Frisbee art, a wheel of fortune set, and bingo provide even more ways to have fun.  And you can even add in familiar carnival foods which guests will love.  Our cotton candy machines, hot dog steamers, popcorn machines, snow cone makers and pretzel warmers will help you to serve fun carnival snacks to your guests.  This is yet another way to create a familiar, lively atmosphere.  It also makes for a simple solution to your catering needs.  For many parties, snack foods like these are sufficient (especially if you include hot dogs).  For others, you may need to order additional catering, but the carnival theme will get you set on the right track.

When you are trying to plan a party, one of the first things you will need to decide on is your theme.  The theme sets the tone for the whole event, and determines which activities, games, and décor you will need.  With our tents, booths, carnival games, and food machines, you will find it easy to create an effective and fun party atmosphere which will leave a memorable impression on your guests.  The carnival atmosphere is an enduring one, and has broad appeal.  Whether your guests are children or full families, your event corporate or private, you will find carnival rentals an affordable, easy and fun solution.

Looking for a fun activity for a child’s party?  Inflatable jumpers (also known as bounce houses or bounce castles) offer classic fun for children who love to be active.  Inflatable jumpers are some of the most popular party rentals in the world, and have been for a long time.  Their timeless appeal never goes out of style, and kids are always thrilled to see one of these colorful playhouses inflated in the yard, just waiting for them to jump in and have a fun time.

Benefits of Inflatable Jumpers

  • Kids instantly recognize and love inflatable jumpers.  Your child has probably seen them (or used them) in other parties throughout the neighborhood, and will be excited at the sight of one.
  • Inflatable jumpers are safe and durable and provide a great activity for one child, several, or even a medium-sized group.  Children are less likely to get hurt playing in a jumper than they are if they are running around the yard.
  • These jumpers are easy to set up and take down.  Since they are inflatable, they are easy to move.
  • Jumpers are great for exuberant children who have a lot of energy.  It’s much easier as a parent to look after your party guests when they have a safe environment to burn off their energy and have a good time.  Since most inflatable jumpers are enclosed units, it also makes it easier to keep track of children if you have a number of party guests to look after.

We have a number of different inflatable jumper products as well as several other fun products which are closely related.  Our 15×15 bounce house is our smallest, most basic inflatable jumper.  We also offer a couple of themed jumpers in this size, for children who love Disney or Looney Tunes.  If you are looking for a slightly larger bounce unit, the 15×20 bounce is a perfect choice.

A related product which is also a lot of fun is the inflatable obstacle course.  This is similar to a regular bounce house, but instead of simply having room to jump up and down inside, there are inflatable obstacles which children can find their way around as they move from one end to the other.  We have both a 40’ obstacle course and 52’ obstacle course.

Also check out our gladiator joust bounce.  This inflatable jumper includes a gladiator ring where children can bounce and face off with inflatable armaments.  There is a railing around the outside (also inflatable), which keeps children safe while they are on the inflatable arena.  We also have bouncy boxing for another variation on this fun game.  Another similar product is the inflatable slide, which is great for children who enjoy playground slides.  These are also a lot of fun if you have an inflatable swimming pool you can use at the bottom.

If you don’t know what to do for your child’s next special party, consider renting an inflatable jumper—whether the traditional bounce house or one of our many fun variations.  All these products are colorful, fun, easy to set up, and most importantly, safe.  Your child will love them, and will always remember the special day when you rented the jumper—and you can bet your party will be a hit with your child’s friends as well.

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Pretzel Display CaseAdding some whimsical (and practical) food machines to a party or festival setting will really amp up the fun, and renting these classic machines is so affordable and easy. Fun Services Bay Area offers the most charming and high-quality cotton candy machines, hot dog machines, popcorn machines, pretzel machines, and snow cone machines. All of these delightful food machines will add just the right sights and smells to any public or private gathering.

Our services make it so easy to offer your guests incredible foods that leave them with fond memories of your important special event. Whether you’re planning a lighthearted wedding reception, a big birthday party for a little boy or girl, or a ruby wedding anniversary party in your own backyard, you’ll love the way that rented food machines bring excitement among your guests.

Give your guests something to rave about – and something to remember – by adding professional charm and style to your party with food machine rentals. For a very reasonable price, you can enjoy beautiful food machines that are clean, easy to use, and so much fun to play with.

Gladiator JoustAre you mulling over renting some exciting carnival equipment for a special birthday party or local festival? Whether your party is big, medium, or small, the Fun Services Bay Area team offer fairground-worthy carnival booths, canopy booths, and tents. These small and large marquees will give your big bash incredible atmosphere, as well as a palpable sense of whimsy and magic.

Choose between colorful carnival equipment that is dazzling and of very high quality. Look for billowing canopies in exciting striped tones. When working with our party rental company, you’ll have access to the equipment that you need to feel fully inspired as you throw your party and entertain your guests! To add beauty and spirit to your party, consider a costume theme for your big festival; whether guests dress up as circus performers, pirates, super-heroes or medieval folk, they will enjoy the wonders of your special carnival equipment more when they experience it while “in character”.

The perfect carnival always has plenty of action and activity, and much of this excitement takes place within carnival tents… in fact, wandering from tent to tent, exploring new mysteries, games and experiences is really what it’s all about.

Typical ideas for activities in carnival booths and tents include face-painting (this is so much fun for little ones!), fortune-telling (palm reading, astrology, or Tarot cards), and dunking games (where a local VIP gets “dunked” in cold water if the gamer hits a target with a ball).

Renting carnival tents and booths doesn’t have to cost a fortune; we offer reasonable rates, as well as clean, durable products. Modern carnival tents are easy to work with, and these styles have a cool, current look that is vibrant and fun for everyone. In general, tents will be quite easy to assemble, disassemble, and move around.

Add authenticity and beauty to your party or fun fair with stunning carnival equipment that appeals to all ages; the colors and shapes of classic carnival tents and booths never fail to make an incredible impression with guests.

Bounce HouseIf you’re planning a special party or event, you may be considering a bounce house rental to add more excitement and wholesome fun to the festivities. There are plenty of great bouncy castles and bounce houses available for rental; however, finding the right colorful, whimsical, and thrilling bounce house may be a challenge…unless you know what to look for.

To help you find the bounce house that you’ve been dreaming of (without busting your party budget), we’ve compiled some expert tips and tricks that you can use to rent the perfect bouncy castle for your event needs:

Consider the Number of Guests – Avoid spending more than you have to on a bounce house rental by tailoring your choice to the number of guests attending the party. In some cases, a small party of young kids will only need a small, self-contained bounce house that doesn’t cost much to rent. However, if you’re planning a big bash with all of the bells and whistles, you may need a full-on inflatable castle or play place with a fun slide at the entryway…talking to a bounce house rental representative will help you to choose the right size of house for your approximate number of guests.

Think about Your Party Theme – The best parties have fun themes that extend to balloons, crepe paper streamers, banners, cakes, menus, hats, costumes, face-painting and…bounce houses! To make your party design stand out, consider setting a charming, lighthearted theme (such as a “Pirate Party” or “Medieval Faire”) and then renting a bounce house that matches your theme. To make the whole day more fun, choose party hats and goodie bags that also maintain your fest’s unique “feel”. Other popular choices are disco dance parties, jungle-themed adventure parties, and superhero parties where everyone dresses up as their favorite caped crusader…it’s safe to say that your bouncy castle will be one of the most popular elements of your party, so select it based on the way it highlights your central theme.

As you can see, there are plenty of practical and easy ways to ensure that you rent the ideal bounce house for your special event; use these tips to get organized…then, sit back, relax and enjoy the fun and all of the smiling faces.