Making preparations for a party or any other event involves many different tasks, one of which is selecting food for the event.  The best food choices for an event are affordable, fast, easy, and fit in with the theme of your celebration.  If you are hosting a carnival-themed event, you have the advantage of a fun theme which easily lends itself to a number of food choices.  Many of these foods require specialized equipment, but that equipment is affordable to rent, easy to operate, and can actually add to the carnival atmosphere you are trying to create.  One such appliance is a cotton candy machine.

Renting a cotton candy machine allows you to make cotton candy at your event using professional equipment.  Cotton candy starts out as sugar, which is heated by the machine until it turns into a liquid.  The spinning head on the cotton candy machine contains a number of small holes.  When the head of the machine spins, the liquid sugar from inside is pushed out through the holes.  The liquid sugar cools quickly, forming threads of cotton candy from the holes.  When you eat the cotton candy later, it melts in your mouth, returning to its liquid sugar state.

To use your rented cotton candy machine, set it up on a level surface.  You can rent a cart or stand to improve the appearance of the machine and fit it in with your other carnival décor.  Try to set up next to an electrical outlet so you can void using an extension cord, and inspect it before setting it up.  Once you have your cotton candy machine set up, you need a clean, damp cloth which you can use on the inside of the floss pan to moisten it.  Check the recommendations of the manufacturer to find out which sugar, floss, and coloring you can use.  When in doubt, go with pure cane granulated sugar (if you have any questions, you can contact us and we will walk you through it).

When you have your ingredients ready, fill the floss pan with sugar to the 90% level.  Plug the machine in and turn it on, allowing it to warm up.  Use the controls to set the heat to the recommended setting, reducing as needed if you detect any smoke.  You will find floaters on the head of the machine which allow you to control how much lift the floss gets.

To get the cotton candy onto the cone, you’ll need to grasp the cotton candy cone (empty) by the pointed end, and flick the open end of the cone into the floss.  Lift up the floss you need and then wind it around the cone.  To pick up more floss, turn the cone using a figure-eight pattern of motion.

Once you are done with the machine, you can power it down and clean it.  Make sure all the liquid sugar is out of the head of the unit, and then briefly turn the heat back on to remove any sugar which is still present.  This only takes a minute or so.  After that you can power it down again, unplug it, and use a damp cloth to wipe away any floss which is still left over.  Don’t use running water or immerse the head of the machine to clean it.  Only wipe it with the cloth.  The bowl and bubble can be washed thoroughly in water, and then you can wait for the unit to dry.

A couple of quick safety tips:  You should always check the volts and amps before you plug in a machine, and plug it into an appropriate grounded outlet.  Do not use an extension cord unless the manufacturer’s instructions specifically say you can.  Lift the machine by the handles only, and do not touch or lift the machine by the head.  While a child can use the machine, it should only be with adult supervision.

A rented cotton candy machine is a wonderful addition to any party or event, particularly one with a carnival theme.  Cotton candy is a fun, wistful food which can satisfy any sweet tooth, and which is a favorite of both children and adults.  Your rented cotton candy machine is sure to be a hit at your next event!