Have you been given the task of planning a corporate party for your office?  One fun and easy idea for a corporate party is a carnival-themed event.  You may feel overwhelmed by the task of planning the party, but if you take it one step at a time, you should be able to show everyone at your company a great time!  Here are some steps to take to plan the perfect carnival party for your office:

  1. Choose a theme and a budget.

The theme for your party determines everything else you’re going to do, and sets the tone for the event.  A well-chosen them will be accessible and relatable for everyone.  If you’re going with a carnival theme, you’ll find the rest of your party simple and affordable to plan.  Carnival foods and activities are fun and cheap, and should fit within most planning budgets.  Most people have happy memories of attending carnivals, so your theme will immediately make them feel excited to be part of the event.

While you’re at it, you’ll also want to finalize your budget so that you can work within your financial plan.  Also figure out how many people are willing to help out with the party itself, as far as set-up and breakdown is concerned.  You’ll need people to help operate equipment for food and activities as well.  Your party staffing will determine in part how many activities you can offer.  You may want to consider contracting with Fun Services for catering and additional staff members to help run games and activities.

  1. Decide on fun activities for your party.

Carnival activities might include a dunk tank (perfect for collecting money for charity, next year’s bash, or any other worthy cause), games like mini golf, foosball, baseball toss, and kick & score boxing, and electronic basketball, balloon twisting, bingo, and wheel of fortune.  You’ll only need to rent minimal equipment, and it’s all easy to set up.

Think about the people who will be attending your party when you consider which activities to offer.  Are there only going to be adults at your party, or a mix of adults and children?  Have you thought up age-appropriate activities which will be fun for everybody in attendance?  Make sure you survey your employees and coworkers to get an idea of how many people will be attending, what ages the participants will be, and whether anyone has any special nutritional requirements.

  1. Figure out food and drinks.

If you’re worried about the complexities of catering, don’t be.  The carnival theme makes food and beverages easy.  Carnival foods like popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, snow cones, and pretzels are easy to make when you rent the right equipment, and they are also easy to learn to operate.  These foods are inexpensive, which helps you with budgeting.  For drinks, water, soft drinks, and other simple beverages will generally suffice.  Hiring caterers instead of just renting equipment allows you to offer a wider food selection and gives more of your co-workers the chance to enjoy the activities instead of staffing food booths.

  1. Decide on a venue and a layout.

Based on the number of people you’ll have in attendances and the activities you want to provide, you’ll need to figure out how many booths, tents, tables and chairs you need, and how you should arrange them to make your event intuitive.  A logical setup will help guests to find their way around and have a fun time.  Make sure you choose a venue which will have plenty of space and be able to accommodate electrical outlets and generators.  Figure out what kind of power supply you’ll need to set up, and rent the applicable equipment you’ll require.

Fun Services can help you with all of the details of arranging your corporate party from top to bottom.  If you are doing most of the planning yourself, and just need a little extra help with staffing and equipment, we can do that.  If you need assistance with the preparation, we can simplify your planning and work within your budget to ensure that everyone enjoys your company event.  Whether you’re ready to start planning your next corporate party, or you just want to ask a question, please get in touch.  We’re always happy to hear from you!